Tarology of the Raven

Who has never dreamt of knowing what the future held? From the earliest of early times, the human being tried to predict the future: the Greek people had the Pythia, well-known and respected by everyone for their accurate predictions. As for the Egyptians, they appealed to the divine forces to get protected from the bad lot. In any case, nowadays the divinatory arts are becoming more popular than ever among the persons who are looking for the truth, or those who want to know the meaning of their life.


Our website provides a detailed horoscope that we update everyday, according to your zodiac sign. And those who want an individualized horoscope, our astrologists are at your disposal: you will be able to have a livechat with them to obtain an entirely individualized prediction.


The art of tarology consists in reading tarot cards: the clairvoyants who practise tarology are called fortune-tellers. This divinatory art dating from the end of the eighteenth century is the reflection of your subconscious: each card represents an event or a personality trait peculiar to you. Our fortune-tellers are espacially educated to practise tarology: so they are able to draw the cards online by livechat.


The astrology is a practice based on the study of celestial bodies: it enables to predict the future from the position of the planets, the stards and the constellations constituting the universe. Although it is often criticized, the astrology helped many people having a more peacful approach of the live. Our graduated astrologists are at your disposal to help you nowing your future: the simple planet alignment is enough to determine what your future holds. They also are able to make your birth chart: to do this they just need your birth information, like the date and the place of your birth. In fact, your birth chart is a kind of study of your personality, which helps you in understanding your proper being.

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